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Máquina Virtual entra em Save State durante Backup May 5, 2014

Posted by Samuel RIbeiro in Windows 2012.
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Abaixo segue um check-list que usei para fazer o troubleshooting e resolver os problemas Máquina Virtual que entra em Save State durante o backup
Estou considerando neste post, que o problema ocorra apenas com algumas máquinas  virtuais e o host de Hyper-v esteja em ordem
além de todas as atualizações e hotfixes para Hyper-v e Cluster estarem instalados

Nesse link, você pode consultar todos os estados de uma máquina Virtual, como por exemplo a diferença entre o Save State e Pause
Managing virtual machine state

1. The VM guest needs to have Integration Services installed, enabled, and running
2. All disks involved need to be formatted with NTFS, including the disks within the VM.
3. Ensure the VMs are partitioned using ‘basic disk’ formatting. At the moment Hyper-V does not support live backup for VMs formatted using dynamic disk partitioning or GPT.
4. Windows Update with latest Updates
5. Ensure you have at least about 20% free space on each drive involved, such as the drive on the host and the VM’s main system drive.
6. (COM System Application Service, Distributed Transaction Coordinator Service, and Volume Shadow Copy Service). Also review the VM settings in Hyper-V, the ‘backup’ option needs to be checked.
7. The Volume Shadow Copy Service and related VSS services need to be enabled and running.
8. The shadow copy storage space for each drive must be available to Hyper-V VSS Writer and be located at the same volume. For instance, the storage space for drive C: needs to be on drive C: itself, and so on. Use the VSSADMIN command from the command line to check the settings. (Use: vssadmin list shadowstorage / vssadmin resize shadowstorage)

Espero que ajude

Referência: http://www.symantec.com/business/support/index?page=content&id=TECH209419



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