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‘STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT (c00000b5) no volume CSV – Cluster Windows 2012 January 21, 2014

Posted by Samuel RIbeiro in Windows 2012.

Hoje, durante um teste pré-produção de backup das VMs do cluster de Hyper_2012, utilizando NETBACKUP
alguns volumes apresentados ao Cluster, ficaram indisponiveis
quando isso ocorre, naturalmente todas as VMs ficam inacessiveis

baseado no log com event ID: 5120 e erro o “c00000b5
Foi aplicado o hotfix KB2878635, disponibilizado em Dezembro de 2013
Update is available that improves the resiliency of the cloud service provider in Windows Server 2012: December 2013
OBS: esse hotfix substitui os KBs 2870270, 2869923, and 2908415 que já estavam instalados

Mesmo depois de aplicado, o evento 5120 continuo sendo gerado, porém com o erro “STATUS_CLUSTER_CSV_AUTO_PAUSE_ERROR or the error code c0130021

Atualizando esse post, pois depois de alguns dias pesquisando sobre o erro acima
a Microsoft publicou sobre esse erro em 26/02

vale a pena a leitura em (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/clustering/archive/2014/02/26/10503497.aspx)


  1. If you see a few random event 5120 with an error of STATUS_CLUSTER_CSV_AUTO_PAUSE_ERROR or the error code c0130021, they can be safely ignored.  We recognize this is not optimal as they create false positive alarms and trigger alerts in management software.  We are investigating breaking out cluster state resynchronization into a separate non-error event in the future.
  2. If you are seeing many Event 5120’s being logged, this is a sign that clustering is in need of constantly resynchronizing its snapshot state.  This could be a sign of a problem and may require engaging Microsoft support for investigation.
  3. If you are seeing event 5120’s logged with error codes other than STATUS_CLUSTER_CSV_AUTO_PAUSE_ERROR, it is a sign of a problem.  Be due-diligent to review the error code in the description of all of the 5120’s logged be certain.  Be careful not to dismiss the event because of a single event with STATUS_CLUSTER_CSV_AUTO_PAUSE_ERROR.  If you see other errors logged, there are fixes available that need to be applied.  Your first troubleshooting step should be to apply the recommended hotfixes in the appropriate article for your OS version:
    Recommended hotfixes and updates for Windows Server 2012-based failover clusters

    hotfixes and updates for Windows Server 2012 R2-based failover clusters
  4. If an Event 5120 is accompanied by other errors, such as an Event 5142 as below.  It is a sign of a failure and should not be ignored.

Log Name:  System
Source:  Microsoft-Windows-FailoverClustering
Event ID:  5142
Task Category: Cluster Shared Volume
Level:  Error
Description:  Cluster Shared Volume ‘VolumeName’ (‘ResourceName’) is no longer accessible from this cluster node because of error ‘ERROR_TIMEOUT(1460)’. Please troubleshoot this node’s connectivity to the storage device and network connectivity.

Se o evento 5120 é acompanhado do erro 5142, não deve ser ignorado

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